4 comments on “Exploiting The Kind Heart

  1. It’s most definitely an interesting debate, and one that needs some fierce media attention as the amount of care the nurses/carers are able to give to all of their charges is in no way reflected in their meagre wage.
    We are very lucky that the team at Kerridge House, Selwyn Village where my grandmother is, is attentive, caring and go beyond the call of duty. However all in all it seems a fairly thankless job for those with whom we trust the well-being of our loved ones, and one day ourselves.

  2. Quite agree Katie. It is heartless to use emotional ties to downgrade the pay for a job that requires heaps of non quantifiable people skills as well as muscle. Accountants have difficulty quantifying interpersonal relationship skills, so those skills get skipped over on the books.

  3. A provocative post. I used to work at Sprott House and can tell you from personal experience that the pay (what one gets) is nowhere near reflective of the amount of both physical and emotional effort each carer puts in (what one gives).

    • Thanks Polly, I bet you have a fund of some stories from working at Sprott House. The good news is that Oceania has decided to contribute more to carer wages – I believe this report brought them back to the table. That leaves the rest of the rest homes to re-evaluate the wage status of their workforce. If there are stand out age care facilities, they need to be recognised.

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